Three facts you should know about CBD

Use it daily.

You could feel a change after using CBD just once, but most of us get the most benefits from using CBD daily. Play around with different products and dosages consciously until you find a routine that works for you.

CBD is non-habit forming.

CBD is non-addictive, meaning we don’t build a tolerance. Once you find the right dose it’ll keep working, and actually will start working better the longer you keep up with taking it. How great is that?

CBD works topically too.

As our skin is our largest organ, CBD works transdermally as well. So for the same reason, we’re so careful about the shampoos and lotions we use (because what’s in them sinks into our skin) CBD can and should be applied topically. Using a CBD infused skin oil is a great way to introduce CBD to your system if you’re not ready to start using it orally - just yet.

Last, but not least: It’s All About Maintenance. While it might sound like a miraculous fix-all (which it kinda is), using CBD for stress works best when incorporated into a lifestyle that supports the same mission.

A daily yoga practice is the perfect pairing if we’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, and have a more connected dialogue with our nervous system. Yoga is a longevity practice; while it has immediate benefits, it’s intended for longterm maintenance of our well being. CBD works similarly.